SCANFLASH, A real alternative to CMM: the three-dimensional measuring machine by comparison for shop floor.

3D measure: Especially designed to work in shop floor environment.

Scanflash, the ultra fast flexible 3D measurement with very high precision at the speed of the mechanics production workshop.

Ask more and better to your machine tools !

  • Increase chip to chip time by a higher inspection reactivity
  • Divided changeover time by 4
  • Reduce operator time and cost

Scanflash is a comprehensive range of measuring center using digital comparison principle specially designed for use in shop floor. These devices, at the foot of the machine tools can take all the dimensional and geometric measurements of a piece in one ultra-fast go and with very high precision.

Scanflash range is split according to the part volume to measure :
  • Scanflash TC series for part volume: X : 125mm, Y: 200mm; Z : 100mm
  • Scanflash MCP series for part volume: X : 400 to 630mm, Y : 400 to 800mm; Z : 160 to 400mm

From a unique software they check the compliance of pieces and do the calculation of the tool compensation (Tools Driver option for more information visit in order to produce always in the targeted specifications.

Machine tool control

Measuring applications examples

Automobile - shop floor CMM

Part : power steering – wheel side box
– Size : 300x50x50mm
– TI mini : 60µm

25 features inspected in 70s

Automotive – 3D measuring machine

Part : power steering – main pump body
– Size : 200x100x100mm
– TI mini : 16µm

32 features inspected in 60s

Precision mechanics

Part : carbon tube
– Size : 50x40x15mm
– Bore Ø > 0.35
– TI mini : 20µm

30 features inspected in 80s

Micro-mechanics: watches, medical

Part : hip prosthesis
– Size : 37x40mm
– TI mini : 5µm

9 features inspected in 39s

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